{ 2014 Intentions }

It’s the age-old question: “What are your goals for the next year?”

I work with an A-MAZ-ING PowerCoach (Alishia) who posted her 2014 Intentions as well as her 2013 Intentions and what she did and did not do off that list. I must admit, I was impressed and inspired by Alishia’s post. What better way to help hold myself accountable than to share my intentions for 2014 with all of you! Some of them are small, while others are HUGE!

Intentions for 2014

  1. Be a team of 50
  2. Promote to Senior Director
  3. Earn Leadership Trip to Riviera Maya
  4. Spoil 100 ladies by helping them earn a FREE Shopping Spree
  5. Build leaders on my team!
  6. Get a new MacBook Pro so I can start designing for myself again
  8. Finish our bathroom remodel
  9. Finish our kitchen remodel
  10. Take a “real” familly vacation, not a stay-cation
  11. Attend ALL of Devon’s Middle School Soccer Games
  12. Go to 1 amazing concert and get GREAT seats
  13. Make use of our attic space (taking ideas!)
  14. Personally help 12 ladies earn extra income through Thirty-One
  15. Get back into couponing!!!
  16. Blog weekly
  17. Have the time of my life at National Conference!
  18. Go on 100 walks with Devon (when it warms up!)
  19. Make/do 1 thing off of Pinterest every month (there’s so much I’ve wanted to do!)
  20. Go on 12 grandparent dates (this is much needed and long overdue)
  21. Let Devon have monthly sleep overs with her best friend

There’s more to come, but I really should go pick Devon up from school now 🙂


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