{ Simplifying with Systems }

I have declared this year the year of SYSTEMS!

I am so glad that I’ve started working with my PowerCoach Alishia. I cannot express how much she has helped me with my business. One of the biggest things she has done for me… help me start to implement systems into my business (and life in general!)

If you are in Direct Sales and are looking for a an awesome Hostess Coaching system, she is your girl! Thanks to her I am no longer playing phone tag with my hostesses, my attendance has gone UP and my cancellations have gone DOWN.

With implementing her system, I had to find a way to A LOT of postcards. There was no way I wanted to throw them in a shoe box or anything like that. So what are the odds that Thirty-One just came out with their Hang Up Space Saver (shown below on the right) less than a month ago? Can you say PERFECT? I just love it when things seem to align in my life. I LOVE being able to see my business supplies and the mesh pockets make it easy to see what is in each pocket. My keeping them in my sight it assures that I will WILL continue to use the systems. You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind”, when it comes to things that will improve my business, I’m not going to take the chance and risk that being true!

I am in LOVE!

If you’re in Direct Sales and interested in seeing what Alishia is all about, you can join her free webinar on January 23rd. You can register HERE! Trust me, you are going to LOVE her!


Ok, enough about the Amazing Alishia 🙂

How great are these two products? The Hang Up Home Organizer (on the left) is great for helping me keep track of my monthly goals. I look forward to updating my Goal Chart on the first of every month and seeing which goals I accomplished from the previous month. I believe that with goals, if you visually see them every day, you are more likely to achieve these goals. It reinforces what you are working on and WHY!


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