{ Night(mare) Stand }

My daughter and I rearranged the master bedroom about a month ago when my husband was out with one of his friends. It feels so much bigger in our room now, but the one thing that I hated about it was that we moved my night stand from a corner that was normally hidden by the bed, to the wall that you see when you walk in. Which means, it was time to FINALLY organize the night stand.

No, this picture was not staged, and yes, I am embarrassed over this, but this is what I was working with.ย Image

(now you know why I NEEDED to organize it!)

The night stand became a catch all for most things in my room. As you can see, it holds books, magazines, old high school year books on the bottom, and the top is littered with random girly things like a hair brush, lotion, facial wipes, etc)

This was a project that required starting at the bottom. As I pulled EVERYTHING out from the bottom shelf I was amazed at some of the things I had saved…


Did I really need an “All You” Magazine from 2 years ago? Or a Summer Camp Brochure from 2011?!

I ended up throwing away A LOT that was on the bottom. Only keeping the books and the yearbooks.

Note to self: Recycle magazines IMMEDIATELY ย after reading them. No, you will never go back to them and read that one article or make that one recipe, and if you want to, just google it ๐Ÿ™‚

For the top of the night stand, I needed to keep everything that was there, just give it all a place to be. Thirty-One’s Littles Carry-All Caddy ย is the perfect bedside accompaniment (and the $12 price tag cant be beat!).


Just by putting all of my random “things” in the caddy, it cleared a majority of my night stand and makes it FEEL so much better in our room. It’s amazing what just ONE organizational product can do for a space!



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