{ ARC Love }

If you are an organizing nerd like I am slowly turning into, get ready… I’m about to ROCK your world!

If you use a notebook (or series of notebooks) I’m sure you have experienced the frustration of realizing that you wrote your new favorite recipe in your finance notebook. Or maybe you decided that you want to move your pages around, but can’t because you’re using a regular spiral notebook.

When I joined Thirty-One I heard a lot of talk about getting an ARC. To be honest with you, I was clueless for about 4 months as to what everyone was talking about until I was up late one night and googled it. I spend an hour or so looking up youtube videos and feeling like I had just hit the notebook jackpot.

Ladies and gentlemen… meet your new best friend, the ARC customizable notebook:

ImageThese lovely notebooks are disc-bound. They consist of 5-11 (depending on the size of your notebook) discs that you can purchase separately or you can purchase as an entire notebook. The special hole punch allows pages to be taken out and moved around in the notebook effortlessly.

ImageI honestly wish I had been introduced to these while I was in college. They would have made note-taking soooo much easier!

Here’s a video showing the awesomeness of the ARC system.

I mentioned earlier that you can purchase these at entire notebooks (with covers, discs, and pages) but you can also purchase individual pieces and build your own notebook. You can use your own printed pages and the ARC hole punch to completely customize your notebook/planner.

If you are in Direct Sales like I am these are fantastic! I have my largest notebook set up with sections for a monthly planner, weekly planner, monthly sales goals, team member information, party and vendor information.

photo 2 photo 3

The only downside to the ARC system? It is only available at Staples. You can check out the system here on their website.  You can usually find a coupon in their weekly ad in the Sunday paper for 40% off if the price scares you 🙂


3 thoughts on “{ ARC Love }

  1. I am the person with the notes in several notebooks and reluctant to “tear” out the pages only to be frustrated when I wish that particular note was in the other book! Thanks for the reminder…your notebook looks like a smart idea 😉


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