{ 30 Day List }


I wouldn’t consider my family minimalists, but we’re pretty close. Since we bought our house five years ago we have had to completely move OUT of our house twice! Three years ago we had our carpets ripped out and hardwood floors installed, then a few months ago, we had to have our hardwood floors replaced (don’t ask, it’s quite depressing). Each time my husband, 13 year old daughter, and I moved the entire contents of our house out into the garage. It took the three of us less than one day each time. I have to give a lot of the credit to my husband, I swear he’s a superhero.

We’ve also helped several friends and family members move over the past few years. Every time that we do, we comment on how we’re glad that we don’t have “too much stuff”. We are very intentional with the things that we buy and do not like to buy things if we cannot see ourselves using it at least three times in the next month. Of course there are the necessities that you cannot avoid (like when our daughter needed to go out and buy khaki pants and a plain white shirt for her chorus concert a few months ago… which I know I won’t see her wear again)

If you (or your significant other) notice that you’re making large impulse purchases, it might be time to make a 30 Day List. If you want to purchase something, but you can’t picture yourself using it at least three times in the next month add it to your 30 Day List with the date that you added it to the list. Throughout the next 30 days, when you lose the urge to purchase the item, cross it off of the list. If the item is still on the list after 30 days, you can purchase it. By creating this list, you’ll steer clear of clutter and you’ll save money!

Of course, if you can’t make yourself create a 30 Day List, I can help you find a cute tote to help store some of your clutter 🙂


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