{ Celebrate }

When you become a leader in a Direct Sales company one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things to do is keeping your team excited and growing. Thirty-One as a company loves to CER (Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward) everyone that is involved with our business. This includes directors, consultants, hostesses, party guests, friends and family.

I’m a fan of sending good ole fashioned snail mail to celebrate my team. My team members receive a sweet treat in the mail from me as soon as they join my team. I absolutely LOVE Cheryl’s Cookies (click here!). They have $5 Cookie Notes (shipping and tax included!) that are sure to brighten someone’s day. Seriously, how cute are these? And they taste as good as they look!


Another super cute way to celebrate your team is with postcards! At the end of every month I sit down and go over my team stats and send out celebratory post cards to my team members. They absolutely love them and they’re quick and easy for me to do. (Which will come in REALLY handy as my team grows)

I’m lucky to have a design background, so I can create a postcard whenever I find something new to celebrate. Here’s an easy set that I have already designed and is available on my Etsy shop. (click here!)

il_570xN.610257842_drnrRight now you can get an amazing deal at VistaPrint when you’re ready to get postcards printed. When you use promo code POSTCARDS you can get 50 postcards for only $4.99. That’s a steal!

For some extra creative ideas on how to CER your team check out my “Happy Mail” Board on Pinterest! (click here!)


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