{ Picture This }

I made a mistake about 2 years ago… When I was ordering my new iPhone 5 I only purchased the 16gb. “There’s no way I could possibly need more than that!”, I lied to myself. Now I find myself in a constant cycle of taking a bunch of pictures, posting the ones I want to FB, syncing others that I like, and then deleting the leftovers. Doing this has forced me to realize all of the seemingly random pictures that I’ve taken that in fact, might be quite genius!


Here are a list of some things I have found pictures of in my phone that I refuse to delete in case I need them again…

  • Devon – of course most parents have pictures of their children in their phones, but I’ve always been a “what if” thinker and it’s sad that some part of me is calmed by the fact that if Devon were ever to go missing, I have a million pictures that could help others find and identify her.
  • Our Pets – basically for the same reason as with Devon.
  • My License Plate – after staying in a few hotels in a short period of time and needing to write down my plate # for parking passes it was much easier to take a picture instead of memorize my plate # or continue to run from the hotel lobby to the parking lot.
  • Grocery List – for when we take the time to make our grocery list, but then leave it at home. There have been several occasions where Dave or I was still at home when the other was at a store without the shopping list. Easy solution… take a picture of the list.
  • Car Insurance IDs – I had a small fender bender a few months ago when I got rear-ended at a stop light. Neither myself or the other driver had a piece of paper to write down the other’s insurance info, so the best thing to do was take a picture and text it to each other.
  • Make Up – Women, you all know how frustrating it can be to stop at a store to get a refill on the only foundation in THE WORLD that matches your skin perfectly and that you’ve fallen in love with only to not remember the name of the shade! Snap a few pictures of your favorite make up names – you’ll thank me later!
  • Paint Labels – This came in super handy when we were (and continue to be) painting Devon’s new room.
  • Devon’s Soccer Schedule – We keep the schedule on our refrigerator at home and I also copy her games into my planner, but sometimes we need to know right away when we’re alway from home if we have plans for next Thursday. We all know that the calendar app on our phones is not an option for reliable scheduling. (Or am I the only one who constantly has a calendar syncing to the wrong account and removing important events?)
  • Books – There’s something about going to a book store to peruse the shelves for a new book, even if I’ll download it on my iPad when I get home to read. When we’re in the book store, I’ll take a picture of the book I want to download when I can. (Yes, I’m THAT girl)
  • Clothes – We are officially past the stage where I can pick out clothes for Devon without her say. This has turned into a magical dance of going to the stores with Devon, letting her point out clothes that she likes, Dave and I sneaking pictures of the clothes and sizes, and then later buying them for her to surprise her for her birthday or Christmas (normally ordering them online where we can get them even cheaper)
  • Soup Cans – Have you ever noticed how many different kinds of soup there are? It’s crazy and we can be very picky when it comes to our soup!
  • Digital Business Card – For when I meet new ladies out and about. After I get their name and contact info, I’ll text them my digital business card.

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