{ Do it NOW }

doitNOWPowerful words, right? I have to admit, I am guilty of saying “Oh, I’ll clean the house LATER” and “I’ll label all of my catalogs LATER”.

Do you ever notice the amount of anxiety and stress it causes when we keep adding things to our “do it later list”? I know that can’t just be me. Most of the times they are little things that we push off to the side, things that honestly would only take a few minutes, but instead we wait. We get all worked up thinking about all of the things that we need to do instead of just doing them. And THEN we push them off so long that we just NEVER do them! Usually that turns into regret or even panic. With that being said, I guess it’s time to go do laundry so my daughter has clothes to take with her tonight to her grandparents!




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