{ Spring Product Premiere }

A few days ago I joined 200+ consultants in Erie, PA for our Spring Product Premiere (SPP). I like to think of SPP (we also LOVE our acronyms) as a mini-National Conference. Thirty-One rents movie theaters across the country for an afternoon so we can see our upcoming products on the BIG SCREEN!

I drove up to the premiere by myself because I had to arrive 1 1/2 hours before the event started since I was one of the hosting directors. On the 40 minute drive up I started tearing up thinking about the company. I think I shared in one of my previous posts that I get extremely emotional when I think and talk about what all Thirty-One had done for me and my family. I can’t help it! Last year at SPP I had just promoted to Director and had two team members join me for the event. This year I had around 20 of my team members attend, including my very first director! Whoo Hoo!

The “movie” that we watched was almost 2 hours long, showing us the new products that will be out in January, demonstrating an even BETTER way to party, and sharing with us how we can all earn $550 in free products just by doing our job in the next month. Thirty-One uses their Home Office staff and consultants as the actors for the “movie”, which I love because it’s a chance to see some friends on the big screen. (How many of you can say that you spent the day seeing some friends on the big screen?) I’m hoping that they will release some of the clips that we saw so that I can share with all of you. If they do, I will update this post to include some links. They are hilarious!

During SPP we also get introduced to the beautiful (inside and out) directors that are featured in the new catalog. I have to admit, I squealed and teared up (again!) a few times as I saw some of my friends’ faces flash across the screen. It is so heartwarming seeing those women get recognized for all of their handwork and what they do for their families, teams, and the sisterhood. These are your “women next door” that have earned the honor to share their hearts with hundreds of thousands of consultants, hostesses, and customers! My friend Jessica, who is one of the ladies featured, said it best when she said: “That’s what I love about Thirty-One. We can be ourself. Even if I am a little dorky and quirky.”

I’m always amazed when I see what Thirty-One does for us consultants. The company truly believes that we should not have to spend our money to make money and instead gives us the tools to earn products and catalogs for free. Products that we will be able to show our customers at our parties so our customers can get their hands on the products before they order. How great is that!?! We also left with a free product in a brand new print, just for attending the premiere. We are so spoiled!

As amazing as the premiere was, the best part was meeting up with some ladies on my team and extended team for lunch after.


I love those ladies and without Thirty-One I would only know two of the ladies in this picture. That’s crazy to think about!



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