{ Mailing a Large Utility Tote }

This post is for my Thirty-One sisters! One of our most frequently asked questions is… “How in the world can I mail a Large Utility Tote?” I mail a lot of products out to my customers that aren’t local, and just today had to make out several Large and Medium Utility Totes (rest in peace, Medium Utility Totes, until we meet again!) There’s always been three options available to mail Large Utility Toes

  1. Use a Large Flat Rate box – approximate cost: $17+ (yuck!)
  2. Use a Thirty-One box that our orders arrived in. These are usually TOO big and raise the cost of shipping because of their size. approximately: $8-$15
  3. Use a Thirty-One Pink Bag – approximately $5-$6, but risk having the tote get bent during shipping (boo!)

Prepare to have your minds blown, ladies! The first thing you need to do is go to your local post office and grab some Priority Mail boxes. I use the ones that are 11.5″ x 2.375″ x 13.125″. They’re FREE! You can also order them from USPS and have them delivered to you for FREE here: USPS. IMG_9717 Then slip your Large Utility Tote into the box, leaving the ends open. This will prevent any possible bending from happening during shipping! Whoo Hoo! FullSizeRender Now you can put the Large Utility Tote that you have inside the box INSIDE a Pink Bag! IMG_9719 Tape your bag closed… IMG_9720 Add your shipping label… IMG_9721 Check out how great the front looks. Your customers are going to LOVE getting this package in the mail! IMG_9722 I shipped several of these today for $5-$6! Shipped Priority of course (since a Priority box was used). Not too shabby!!!


8 thoughts on “{ Mailing a Large Utility Tote }

  1. I stumbled upon your blog (I *think* from a WIRL post?) and am OBSESSED! I’ve been reading post after post for (holy cow!) 2 hours now and am taking notes like crazy! Apps, vistaprint, postcard ideas, organization shelves from Walmart, embosser!, FB groups, blog info…You’ve left me with quite an impressive shopping list and to-do list, which I’ll add into my new weekly schedule printout instead of another post it note 🙂 I love how you are non-chalantly promoting your business within an informative blog rather than being all salesy and hard core high pressure. As a fellow 31 sister, I see we have some common FB friends. I particularly LOVE how you cleverly asked your grammar nazi pals to edit your blurb re: how much you’ve earned in 2 yrs w/31 (the I or me dilemma). It got TONS of feedback! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing your successful tips! I’ll be absolutely sharing your blog posts with my team. If I wasn’t already a 31 girl, I’d join your team for sure! Nice job! (See how I CER’d you there? hahaha!)


  2. I am obsessed with 31 bags (not to my husband’s liking :/) but, I needed to ship one today for my sister! Thanks for posting this pro-tip 🙂


  3. You can see through the pink bag. If they catch you doing this, you’ll get in trouble. It’s the same reason the started printing “Priority Mail” on the inside of the boxes. People were getting them for free and flipping them inside out to ship.


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