{ Ebates Obsession! }

I am officially obsessed with Ebates! I joined in December when I was doing my Christmas shopping. I have a friend who had been raving about it so I jumped on the bandwagon and signed up myself!

In a few months of shopping online (which I would do anyways) I’ve earned over $120 in cash back! Whoo Hoo!!!

EbatesWhen you first sign up for Ebates you get to choose a $10 Gift Card that you’ll earn as soon as you use Ebates to make $25+ in purchases. (So, a pair of jeans you’re going to order for your teenage daughter from American Eagle, a $30 voucher from Living Social for Cheryl’s Cookies, a birthday gift from Bath & Body Works)


Signing up is easy, all you need to do is enter your email address. Later on you can edit your profile and input your PayPal email address so you can receive your cash back via PayPal.

Then, every time you think about ordering something online simply go back to Ebates, log in, and search for the company that you want to order from.


Once you click on the company you were searching for you will see that company’s Ebates page. Here you’ll see how much cash back you will earn and promo codes/coupons that you can use on your order! Which means, no more googling “Sears Promo codes” and then searching through a few pages of results to find a coupon!


When you click on “Shop Now” you’ll be redirected to the company’s website to start shopping! There’s nothing else that you need to do, except to use any promo codes/coupons that you want to use. Ebates tracks your shopping trip and once you make a purchase it will update your cash back within a few days (usually much sooner!) Then, you’ll be sent your cash back via PayPal or check during their next payment period. We earned $30 in cash back when we ordered a dishwasher in December! We were even able to pick up the dishwasher at our local store THAT DAY and still earn cash back!

Ebates will also email you when a store that you clicked on from their website increases their cash back or has a new promo code/coupon that you can use! That’s how I found out about the awesome Cheryl’s Cookies deal last week that I was able to pass along to all of you!

I love love LOVE it!


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