{ Pretty Pantry }

The week before I left for Leadership Council (which I still need to post about) Dave and I started working on our Kitchen Facelift (another thing that I need to post about, once it’s all finished) We had to take the cabinet doors off in order to paint and modernize the doors. Which left the inside of our cabinets on full display. YIKES! I didn’t take a before picture, which is probably a good thing, because it was NOT PRETTY! Please tell me we’re not the only ones with a completely unorganized pantry! Pretty please!?! Anyways… I knew it was time to start organizing our pantry. I already knew I needed to get some of Thirty-One’s Your Way Rectangles, but I’m pretty funny about having to have them personalized so I knew exactly where to put everything. The picture below was taken last week, when I got back from Leadership Council, but before I left for Directors PowerHouse. I have since ordered the rest of the Your Way Rectangles that I need to finish my organization project and I will try to remember to update this post with more pics once they have all arrived. 17286_10100607805594986_7105640752809293762_n   Here’s the breakdown of the Your Way Rectangles that I already have and what I put in each:

  • Pasta – Noodles, Noodles, more Noodles… and sauces to go with them!
  • Snacks – Devon’s lunch snacks and a few other things that we keep in the house (pretty self-explanitory)
  • Mixes – I love Tastefully Simple (you can check out all of the amazing goodies they have at my consultant Betty Jo’s Website) and that’s what is mostly in this rectangle. I also keep instant potatoes, dressing mix, and a few other things in there.
  • Baking – It’s pretty obvious what goes into this one.. and that I need at least one more of these

Here’s what I have coming in with my next order:

  • Baking – Like I said, I needed another one
  • Containers – For all of those tupperware/pyrex containers and lids!
  • Paper & Plastic  – Paper plates, plastic forks, napkins, and cups!
  • Etc. – Everything else that doesn’t have a place already!

We also use the Your Way Rectangles in our bathroom to store hair products, beauty supplies, curling irons, blow dryers, and whatever else Devon feels she needs to throw in there. If you’re a Scentsy addict like I am, they’re already great for storing Scentsy bars (and honestly, how can you NOT be a Scentsy addict!?!)


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