{ Is Facebook Too Distracting for You? – Take This Challenge!}

A few weeks ago at Directors PowerHouse I was on a panel discussing how to balance life, family, and our Thirty-One businesses. Throughout that weekend, and the week before when I was at Leadership Council I kept seeing everyone’s phones light up with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram notifications. (Mostly Facebook) So I had to share a small thing that helped me in a HUGE way!

First, I have to ask… who is guilty of having Facebook Notifications pop up on your cell phone’s lock screen? I know I used to be… I would be sitting at home on a weekend watching a movie with my family when my cell phone would light up telling me that someone commented on one of my posts. I couldn’t wait, so I had to click on the notification and see who commented with what, then before I knew it, I had spent 30 minutes checking that notification, scrolling through my news feed, seeing who just got an early birthday present, and whose child just registered for kindergarten… and I had missed 30 minutes of the movie and my daughter was irritated because I had no idea what was going on and had to ask “Who is that?” and “Why doesn’t she like him?” ten times in an effort to get caught up.

If you’re struggling to avoid distractions… I highly suggest turning off notifications for apps on your phone! It’s super easy to do. Here’s how you do it if you’re on an iPhone like me.

  • Click on your Settings App
  • Click on Notifications
  • IMG_1246
  • Find an App (I suggest starting with Facebook because it seems to be the app that sends the most push notifications)
  • Click on the where it says “Allow Notifications”
  •  IMG_1247
  • IMG_1248

Whooo Hooo!!!!  You’ve turned off your push notifications. Pretty easy, right?

Now don’t worry, you’ll still receive notifications when you log into the app. By turning off push notifications you are only making it so that your phone is not lighting up saying “Hey! Look at Me!” every couple of minutes when someone comments or sends you a message.

I shared this tip at PowerHouse as part of that balance panel and one of my good friends turned off her notifications before we had our long drive home. She admitted that she kept catching herself looking at her phone, and that it felt really weird not seeing things on her lock screen. It does almost feel like a sort of withdrawal, and it does take some time to get used to it. But she did let us know that once she got back home with her family that she was spending less time on Facebook and more time with her family when it was family time. How great is that!?!

I know for myself, since I turned off notifications it has helped me relieve a lot of stress. I’m the kind of person who would see the notifications and have to check them immediately. If I had been away from my phone for a period of time and came back to my phone to see several notifications on the lock screen, I would start to stress out. I still check my phone and my social media apps frequently, but I do it on MY schedule now, instead of when I get a notification. In this technology driven, plugged in world, we really do not need to be plugged in all of the time!

Do you have push notifications set up on your phone? If you do… I challenge you to turn off Facebook notifications for at least one week. That’s it, just one week! I guarantee that after you have them turned off for a week that you will not want to turn them back on!

Happy Monday, friends!


One thought on “{ Is Facebook Too Distracting for You? – Take This Challenge!}

  1. Been there, done that too. I am now to the point where I don’t even keep my phone on me while I am spending time with my kids and its not even a thought. I had to start remembering to pick it up later in the day so I would do the follow up calls necessary. Better to have to rebuild that than to be working on breaking a bad habit like Facebook. It got way to intense for a while.

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