Thirty-One’s May Customer Special!

I’m often asked what my favorite Thirty-One product is and I never hesitate to answer… Our Large Utility Tote is easily my favorite product! I’ve lost count of how many I have! There are at least seven in my office alone!


To be honest, I think I was able to get all of them for FREE from either earning them from an incentive, going to a Celebrate & Connect meeting, or using Hostess Credit when I hosted my own parties! (yes, I’m spoiled by Thirty-One!)

I asked some of my customers in my VIP Customer Group on Facebook on Friday what their favorite Thirty-One product was, and most of them agreed with me and named the Large Utility Tote. Which is why I am SOOOOO excited about our May Monthly Customer Special!!!

Are you ready!?!

How a-MAY-zing is that!?! You can get a Large Utility Tote for just $10 or a Stand Tall Insert for $15 when you Spend $35! That means you can get TWO Large Utility Totes (sharing is caring, my friends) for only $45!!!

We have a Large Utility Tote in the back of each of our vehicles. It keeps all of that “random stuff” that you find in your vehicles in one place and stops it from all moving around when you’re driving. Our daughter plays soccer and without a Large Utility Tote I think I would go crazy hearing the soccer ball hit the side of the trunk every time we make a turn!

150444_sm_15.05_fbgraph_may_12 150444_sm_15.05_fbgraph_may_14 150444_sm_15.05_fbgraph_may_1 150444_sm_15.05_fbgraph_may_13

If you already have a Large Utility Tote (or seven!) what do you use it for? If you’re still waiting to get you first what will you use it for when you get it on sale this month!?!

Click here to see the full May Monthly Special Flier or browse online at


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