{ Selfie Sticks for under $15 – Shipped! }

I just did it… I bit the bullet and purchased a Selfie Stick! With National Conference and our second free vacation to Mexico coming up, I had been toying around with the idea already.

But then then when I was browsing Ebates and saw that Living Social was listed under their HUGE 16% Cash Back promotion I  just HAD to see what Living Social had on sale! Of course I clicked on “Electronics” first and this popped right up:


Woot! It’s listed for $16.99 and includes FREE shipping! You can purchase up to 5 of them (so why not get one for a friend?)

When you shop from Ebates you’ll also earn 16% cash back, bringing your total down to $14.27 per Selfie Stick! (And, if you’re new to Ebates you’ll also get to select a $10 gift card from one of several participating stores!)

I couldn’t resist! I can’t wait for mine to come in so that I can make even better videos for my team and customers while I’m having some fun this summer!


One thought on “{ Selfie Sticks for under $15 – Shipped! }

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