{ Postcard Incentive Program for My Direct Sales Team }

June 1st started Thirty-One’s new fiscal year. Woot! I wanted to get back to an incentive plan that I did when I had just promoted to Director, but decided against doing this past year. I just missed it too much, and really believe that my team did as well. The Postcard Incentive Program is easy to follow. At the end of every month I will go through the previous months stats and send out one of these Woot Woot Postcards to my team members who:

  • Added a new team member
  • Had a $1,200+ Party
  • Earned a StartSwell
  • Earned a Ready, Set, Sell (if during an earning period)
  • Earned a Promotion
  • Earned a Bonus
  • Submitted 3 or More Parties
  • Had $1,000+ in Sales

Team members can earn several postcards in a month and once they have earned 6 postcards, they can turn them in to receive a $25 Gift Certificate from me to use on products or business supplies! The Postcard Incentive Program does several things:

  • Establishes an ongoing incentive program
  • Allows me to celebrate my team members for their accomplishments
  • Allows my team to work towards earning free products or business supplies throughout the year
  • Allows my team to know exactly what they will be rewarded for
  • Makes it EASY for me to reward hard work

Take a look at the postcards I will be sending out: To start out the new Thirty-One year, I will be sending each team member one postcard, so that they will be aware of the Postcard Incentive Program (along with announcing it on my Team Facebook Group and emailing them about it) CollectPCRGB CollectPCBackRBG

Of course, I will also periodically offer other incentives for my team, but the Postcard Incentive Program is a consistent, ongoing program — And who doesn’t love to receive Happy Mail celebrating them every month!?!

Order your own Postcards for Your Incentive Program HERE! — personalized for only $10!

** Please do not use my files to create your own. The watercolor, fonts, and colors are all part of my branding 🙂


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