{ New Headshot }


About a month ago I received an email from Thirty-One’s Home Office asking me to send in a headshot that could be used for recognition purposes for earning our Leadership Incentive Trip. I had been planning on getting a new headshot for a while (I looked very pale in my old one and just needed an updated pic for my marketing materials.

So… since I didn’t have very long to get a headshot taken and submitted to Home Office, I decided to do what any normal girl would do… I did my hair and make up, grabbed my brand new Selfie Stick and started walking around the house looking for great lighting and a solid background. That IS what you would do if you were me, right? Haha!

Guess where the perfect spot was… in our bathroom, sitting on top of the tub! No joke! It had GREAT lighting and the walls were painted a very light blue – perfect! So I sat on top of the tub and took 30+ pictures with my selfie stick. A great thing about using a selfie stick and taking your own pictures.. you don’t feel silly asking someone to keep taking pictures because there isn’t one that you like yet. You might feel a little silly sitting on top of your tub with a selfie stick taking headshots, but unless you blog about it, who is going to know? haha! 

So finally after I had a few pictures that I could use (one as a headshot and a few additional pictures for some other fun marketing ideas I had) I stood up (in the tub) and then stepped out of the tub. However… one of our pets (I have an idea which one) must have ripped a small square of toilet paper and moved it right beside the tub where I was stepping down. So I slipped and fell… in the bathroom, carrying my selfie stick, after taking headshots in my bathtub. This is something that could only happen to me! Luckily, I was able to save my phone from hitting the ground. I wish I could say the same about my arm, but I can’t. It HURT. I’m not one to go to the doctors… ever. But after three days of the pain just getting worse (I know, I know, I should have gone sooner) I decided to go to Urgent Care to get it checked out. Thankfully, it was just a sprain and there were no broken bones… Although, it would be fun telling that story over and over again every time someone would ask how I broke my arm! 🙂


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