{ Using Bag Tags for Your Direct Sales Business }

I’ve had a few ladies ask me lately what I use for my Bag Tags for my customer’s orders. Bag Tags are simply that… tags that are stapled to bags! Haha. I use them when I sort customer orders from a party so that the hostess can easily see which bag belongs to which of her guests. It’s also a quick and easy way to thank customers for ordering.

When I first started with Thirty-One I was using postcard bag tags, but because of how fast I was going through the postcards, I knew I needed something more cost effective. So I started creating my bag tags  as business cards! You can get 500 business cards for $9.99 from VistaPrint as opposed to just 50 postcards for the same price! Makes sense, right?

My bag tags are simple. One side is the front of my business card, and the back has a space to write the customer’s name.

Check them out:


** Please do not use my files to create your own. The watercolor, fonts, and colors are all part of my branding. You can easily recreate your own using photoshop (what I use) or websites like PicMonkey.com and then have them made from VistaPrint!

Or, if you’d rather have someone else design them –  you can order your own Bag Tag for Direct Sales Design— Personalized for only $5! – and then send them off to VistaPrint to be made!


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