{ Inspiring Teams Retreat 2015 }

Warning: This post is going to sound too good to be true. I will sound corny. I am fully aware of that, but I promise you, every person that spent last weekend with me, is feeling the same way.

I’ve written about Thirty-One events before, from local meetings, Product Premieres, National Conference, to Leadership Council, and our Leadership Incentive Trip. All of those have been amazing experiences with the company. But nothing compares to last weekend. Seriously, nothing. Not even the two vacations that I was able to go on for FREE with my husband. (Don’t tell him I told you that!)

Last Friday – Sunday I was at Meadow Rock Farm (check it out, it’s absolutely GORGEOUS!) in Butler, PA for our Inspiring Teams Retreat. Some of you might know that my team is Team B31ieve, but I’m part of our Executive Directors Inspiring Teams as well. There were five of us Directors who had been planning this retreat since January/February of this month. To say we were excited, anxious and nervous was an understatement. I’m not going to lie, I was scared that we were going to host the retreat and that the ladies attending were going to feel like they wasted money on it. (Why is it that we always doubt ourselves like that?)

The weekend was simply amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it. There were 17 smart, strong, beautiful women that attended the retreat. We spent the weekend sharing some amazing training that I’m sure the ladies will be able to take back, apply to their businesses, and grow their teams. But more importantly, we built relationships. We were up past 1am both nights (errr.. mornings). We laughed so hard we cried. We cried over the heartbreak that others have experienced in the past year. We found similarities and common bonds in each other… and some of us even learned how to juggle! (or at least started to learn! Haha!)

This weekend we were able to invest in ourselves. We made new lifelong friends, and we supported each other. See… I told you this was going to sound corny!

There really is no way to describe what happened this weekend. You just had to be there.

Several of the ladies who were attending mentioned that the retreat was even better than National Conference. I teared up each time that someone said it. Thirty-One pulls out all of the stops with National Conference and for our teams to feel like they got more out of our little retreat than conference is simply heartwarming.


Almost every time I drive home by myself from a Thirty-One event, I find myself tearing up thinking about what this company has done for me. This was no exception.

On my way home, I took a short little detour to drive by Slippery Rock University, where I went to college.


It’s crazy to think about everything that has happened since I graduated from SRU. I never thought that I would be in Direct Sales. I never thought I would be growing a team… I never… ever… thought that I would consider myself a leader or a business owner.

Sometimes you need to take a quick detour to reflect on where you’ve been, where you’re at… and where you’re heading

I’m excited to see what this upcoming year brings for the women that I spent the weekend with!


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