{ It’s Back: $100 Worth of Products at VistaPrint for $30!}

So part of this awesome deal ends soon!

You know I’ve been working on my marketing materials, especially postcards (and cute new business cards!) So I needed to find a great deal from VistaPrint – I was waiting for their $100 off $200 coupon, but it seems like they’re hiding that one from me. Haha!

So here’s how you can get $100 worth of products from VistaPrint for just $30! Steps 1-6 need to be completed today!

  1. Go to Ebates.com – If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up and also get a free $10 Gift Card to select stores (woot!) If you already have an account you’ll be earning cash back on this order!
  2. From Ebates – search for “Groupon”
  3. Click SHOP NOW from Groupon’s Ebates page
  4. Once you’ve been redirected to Groupon search for VistaPrint
  5. Click on VIEW DEAL for $27
  6. Complete your order – You will pay $27.00 to Groupon and your voucher will be waiting in your Groupon Account
  7. With the 6% cash back from Ebates you will earn $1.62 back (plus you’ll get that $10 gift card if you’re a new Ebates customer!)
  8. Once you’re ready to shop with VistaPrint click HERE 
  9. Scroll down and find Premium Membership and click on JOIN NOW to get a 1 month FREE trial of their Premium Membership for ProAdvantage! (set an alarm on your phone for 3 weeks from now to cancel if you choose to — the savings are huge and completely worth the annual fee if you want to continue)
  10. Add an item to your VistaPrint cart – then go to the cart and remove any promo codes that might already be applied.
  11. Head back to Groupon and view your voucher to get your promo code for VistaPrint and apply that to your VistaPrint cart!
  12. Add $70 worth of (already discounted products thank to your Premium Membership Trial – which will be around $100 regular price) products
  13. Check out and pay around $5 in shipping!


How awesome is that!?!

Just make sure you hurry – the groupon deal ends soon!

Here are some products that I’ve ordered from VistaPrint and how I use them for my business!

I highly recommend using my friends at DS Virtual Assistant for your designing needs!


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