{ What Do You Do? }

I often see/hear other Thirty-One Consultants and Directors ask “What is the best thing to say when I introduce myself and someone asks what I do?”

I have to admit… I’ve struggled with it myself!

Saying “I’m a Director with Thirty-One Gifts” usually causes men to look at me like I’ve grown a third eye, and women to say “Oh! Fun! I have some of those bags”.

But it doesn’t get across what I DO…

I recently read an article about how to introduce yourself at a networking event, where the writer stated:

 The best way to introduce yourself is by the value you bring to your clients.

I read that sentence a few times before saying to myself “yep.. that’s a GREAT way to put it!”

So what do I say now when someone asks “what do you do?”

“I give women the opportunity to contribute to the family income while having the flexibility to work their own hours, so they can work their job around their family and not the other way around… I also give them an excuse to get out of the house and to have fun being THEM with their friends. And I also help them find fun solutions to their organizing and fashion needs through cute totes, thermals, purses and jewelry!”

… man, I have a pretty sweet job 🙂


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