{ Post My Party – Free Trial! }

If you follow me on Facebook you might know that I have used social media schedulers for some of my posts.

Scheduling posts allows me to work smarter instead of harder and it allows me to really connect with  my guests during an online party. Instead of rushing around to copy and past pictures and my script, I can relax and just chat with my guests!

I’ve used a few in the past, but I just recently found one that I’m in LOVE with!

PostMyParty.com (PMP) is AMAZING if you’re a direct seller!

I knew I wanted to share this tool as soon as I found it, but I played around with and tested PMP out for about 2 weeks before writing this. I wanted to make sure it was what I hoped it would be.

And it is… and so much more!

So what sets it apart from the other scheduling websites?

PostMyParty allows you to create TEMPLATES!

It doesn’t just save the posts that you’ve scheduled so that you can reschedule them all individually for your next party or event. It allows you to set what day of the party you want each individual post to post, the time of that day, and it saves EVERYTHING.

So once you have a party template set up, you can easily attach it to a new Facebook event and it will automatically post on the correct days at the the correct time.

Check out this 5 minute video that I made real quick to show you just how easy it is! (Even if I can’t count, haha!)

(Edit: Yikes! I was just made aware that there is no audio on this video! I will do another video this weekend and post! Sorry!)

So… like I said I showed you in the video, you can create templates, copy the templates, schedule COMMENTS (how awesome is that!?!) and you can SHARE templates!

This is an AWESOME tool for you to use in your business!

And you don’t have to use it just for online parties! If you’re a leader in your company you can use it to schedule online opportunity events, trainings for your teams, or share trainings with other leaders!

I mentioned in my video how awesome their customer service was… and I actually reached out to them and asked them if they would be willing to help YOU out by offering a free month trial for all of my friends to test out their service and see if they like it.

I love supporting small, women run businesses and when several can work together, it’s a win win!

So… if you’d like to try it out, play around, share scripts back and forth, schedule some comments all of that other awesomeness — CLICK HERE! (And just a side note, I’m not getting paid to share this, I’m so excited to share tools that help me in my business and I’m so thankful that Corey and the rest of the team at Post My Party wanted to help us!)

The free trial offer is only good through the end of March. You will notice that you need to put your credit/debit card info in to set up the trial. If you don’t cancel within your 30 day trial you will automatically be charged for the next month.

Another thing that I LOVE about PMP is that they are looking for our feedback and constantly testing and updating things! Since I started using them (less than two weeks ago) they’ve added at least one new, helpful feature!

Have questions for Post My Party? You can follow them on Facebook HERE!



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