{ Party Invites for Your Direct Sales Business }


I’m constantly trying to think of ways to grow my business… constantly!

I also love following consultants from other Direct Sales companies and seeing what works for them and then adapting it to work for me and my business.

If another consultant does something that makes me want to attend their party or place an order… I’m interested!

Which is how my new party invite came about..

PartyInviteWaterMarkLast week a new consultant on my team was telling me about an event she was invited to for another company and when she showed me the invite, I was excited and wanted to go.

Why? Simply because there was a TICKET attached to the invite that I could take and enter to win a fun prize!

I thought “sheesh… I’ve always told my hostesses to hand out their invites and to let their guests know that they can win a prize… but I need to actually PUT the ticket in their hands!”

It’s funny how our minds work, right?

So I changed some things up and made it work for me… Here’s why I think it’s awesome (If I do say so myself! Haha!)

  • Please be my Special Guest – doesn’t that just SOUND better than “come to my party?”
  • Raffle Ticket – Where it says “Woot! I’ll see you at the party” I am actually taping physical raffle tickets for them to bring. It gives the hostess an incentive to hand out her invites because she is going to WANT her friends to all have the chance to win!
  • Free Gift if you bring 2 friends – I will absolutely give a free gift to someone who is not the host that brings 2 friends to the party! That means there’s at least THREE people at the party who I’ll meet that will be placing orders and might be my next hostess or team member.
  • Products starting at… – I’ve never added this before, but it helps eliminate the automatic “These are expensive” objections before it even comes to a guest’s mind
  • Pictures of products – This shows how our gorgeous new products and patterns.
  • Can’t make it? – Gives instructions on how to place an order even if they can’t make the party!
  • It’s professional! – The professional (but still fun!) look and feel of the invites lets my hostess and her guests know that I take my business seriously! That is HUGE!

These are printed as full page invites. As a Thirty-One Consultant I have a huge discount at Office Max/Office Depot where we can get color copies for extremely cheap! Or I can print at home!

** Please do not use my files to create your own. The watercolor, fonts, and colors are all part of my branding. You can easily recreate your own using photoshop (what I use) or websites like PicMonkey.com and then print them from home or Staples/Office Max

Or, if you’d rather have someone else design them –  you can order your own Party Invite for Home Parties from my friends at DS Virtual Assistant — Personalized for only $10! – and then have them printed!

They will create a template that you can update on your own, or work out a package with you to do multiple party invites!



5 thoughts on “{ Party Invites for Your Direct Sales Business }

  1. Hi! I am an Avon Rep and just wanted to say I LOVE this post! I am actually in the process of searching for a Host to have an Avon party and cannot wait! Thanks for sharing your ideas!


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