{ 31 Posts For Your Social Media Accounts }

Disclaimer: the 31 in the title refers to the number of posts, and is not in reference to “Thirty-One Gifts”. There are 31 days in the longest months of the years, so you’ll have one post per day.  

So… a lot of the time I see other people in Direct Sales ONLY post about their company on their social medias. I completely understand that social media is a huge tool for our businesses. Trust me, I understand 🙂 BUT… I also know that even as a direct seller myself, I get turned off when I see that the only thing a person is posting about on their social media is their business.

Friends, you NEED to be sharing more about YOU! Give your customers a way to connect with you, let them get to know you, your family, and your quirks. Trust me, my customers know that I’m a nerd with uncontrollable eyebrows that loves cats, tattoos, and watching my daughter play soccer.

Last week while I was on Thirty-One Gifts’ Leadership Incentive Trip with some of the TOP leaders of the company, I was asked several time “what kinds of things do you post on social media that aren’t about the company”

So… Here are 31 things that you can post about (1 thing a day!) on your social media! Enjoy!

  1. A book that you’re reading and ask for suggestions on what to read next
  2. Your favorite new FALL TV show
  3. Funny Halloween costumes and ask your friends what their kids are going to be dressed as
  4. Cat pictures (seriously, I’m not the only one who loves funny cat pictures. Everyone loves them, and if you don’t… shame on you! Haha)
  5. A motivational quote
  6. A funny video clip (I like to share clips from Jimmy Fallon (click here)
  7. A quick and easy dinner recipe (a majority of your friends are busy moms!)
  8. A selfie that expresses exactly how you feel at that moment. Be authentic! Encourage your friends to post one as well
  9. A funny conversation that you had with your kids, spouse, or coworker recently
  10. Share a post from a funny Facebook Page. I’m currently obsessed with Whoa Susannah (click here)
  11. A raving review for a local business. If you want your customers to shop local (aka – with you) you should also be supporting other local businesses
  12. ThrowBack Pictures. How can you NOT laugh at some of your old hairstyles and clothing?
  13. A picture of your kids or pets “up to no good”
  14. A Fill in the Blank. (Example: “Fill in the blank: I find ________________ hilarious”
  15. Caption This! Post a funny picture and ask your audience to caption it.
  16. A How To Video. Show someone how to do something! I was SHOCKED at how many people still don’t know how to save a picture on their phone without taking a screenshot! Someone, please help those people! Haha
  17. One of your favorite quotes from a movie
  18. Make up fails. One of the pictures that I’ve received the most interaction on was of my daughter using an eyebrow stencil that was WAAAAY too big. It was hilarious!
  19. A picture of what you’re doing at that exact moment. Are you waiting to pick up your kids from school? At a soccer game? Stuck at your 9-5 job? Share it!
  20. A Challenge! Challenge your audience to do something in then next 24 hours. (Reach out to someone they haven’t talked to in a while. Go for a walk. Have a me day)
  21. Ask “What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in the last 24 hours”
  22. Random Act of Kindness. To something nice for someone else for no reason. Encourage your friends to do the same.
  23. Share a good deal! Find a good deal that you can share with your friends. (Check Amazon for the Deal of the Day and check your email for promotional emails from stores you shop.)
  24. Share a dumb law! These are sure to get a few laughs. (Did you know that in Pennsylvania it it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors.)
  25. Celebrate someone! Congratulate a friend on a graduation, engagement, new baby, or just for being an awesome person.
  26. Post a picture of a place you would like to visit and ask your audience where they would like to go.
  27. Post a picture of your doppelgänger and ask your audience if they can see the resemblance
  28. Share a Life Hack! (click here)
  29. Ask “What’s for dinner?”
  30. Share something that you’re afraid of. (For me, it’s ET. He scares the you-know-what out of me!)
  31. Ask “What are you most looking forward to next month?”

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

The best thing about this list is that you can pretty much take and and reuse it over and over again!

Happy Posting!


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