{ Things You Hear at a Girls Varsity Soccer Game }

My daughter has always played just one sport. Soccer.

I have tried my hardest to get her to play a sport that I actually know something about… like softball, basketball, volleyball, or track! But she only likes soccer.

So that meant learning about a new sport that I had absolutely ZERO experience with. Since the time she was 7, she’s been playing soccer and is currently in her 16th season (not year, season) of playing.

One of the (many) things I love about my Thirty-One business is that I can schedule when I have parties around my daughter’s games, so I don’t have to miss them. Unless I’m on our leadership incentive trip (like in Punta Cana a few weeks ago) I’m at the game, whether they are home or away.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things that you hear at the soccer games in case some of you are not familiar with the sport, or the level of intensity that the parents bring to the table.

Oh… and look up your local girls soccer schedule and check out a game. I’m sure you’ll be impressed at how aggressive and strong the girls are… and unfortunately, it’s still a sport that gets very little recognition or spectators at the game!

  • One on!
  • First touch!
  • Someone’s going to get hurt out there today
  • Be aggressive!
  • Field Goal! 3 points!
  • Hand Ball! Hand Ball! How did he not see that hand ball!?!
  • CORNER!!!
  • Are the refs even watching?
  • Phew! We got lucky there!
  • Why is she throwing the ball in? She shouldn’t be the one throwing in!
  • That was a good throw in…
  • Get back, get back! She’s off-sides!
  • How did the ref not see that?
  • Our kids are such weirdos, do you see what they’re doing on the sideline?
  • Go, Go, GOOOOO!
  • They’re subbing an entire team! How do they have that many players?
  • How is Katie’s ankle/knee/hip? When is she able to play again?
  • Come on!
  • Get the BALL!!!!
  • This is the best I’ve seen her play… EVER!
  • Well.. nothing she could have done there
  • Are they sleeping?
  • Take a shot!!!
  • What year is she?
  • What do you mean this is the first year she’s played?
  • Does she have her shin guards on?
  • I can’t watch!
  • I have to go to the bathroom, but I don’t want to miss anything!
  • What’s in the concession stand tonight?
  • It’s really hard to tell who is who when they’re numbers are only 1 digit different and they have the same hair!
  • Where are you going for dinner after the game?
  • How did the boys do yesterday?
  • These bleachers are so uncomfortable!
  • Get it right back!
  • Is this a league match?
  • She is on FIRE today!
  • I guess they’re not calling anything today…
  • When’s our next game?
  • Do they have practice tomorrow?
  • She’s going to be tired after this game
  • Why is the other team so much bigger than us!?!
  • It’s still IN!!!
  • Great stop!
  • Coming on outside!
  • They must teach acting at their school…
  • Wait, what? Why are they throwing it in? She’s the one that kicked it out!
  • Are you sure our coach can’t pass as a high schooler?

Disclaimer: At the end of each game, we cheer for both teams. We build the girls up, we joke, we have fun. We appreciate the girls, the coaches, and the parents. And usually by the time we get home from the soccer field, we’ve forgotten about the craziness of the game.


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