Booking Scripts and Games

Booking Scripts

When you start your Thirty-One business:

  • Hey girl! I’m so excited! I just became a Thirty-One Gifts consultant and I wanted you to be one of the first to know! I would love your help in getting my business up and running. Would you like to get some friends together for a fun girls night in and look at some of the new products together?


Friend or Customer:

  • Hey girl! I know how much you LOVE Thirty-One and I would love to save you some money this upcoming month by having a girls night in with you and a few friends. Are you up for it?
  • Hey you! I know you’ve been eyeing the (NAME OF PRODUCT ON THEIR WISH LIST) and wanted to see if you’re ready to get if for FREE?
  • Hey girl! I’d love to help you start Christmas Shopping for FREE! Want to get a few friends together to catch up and I can show you all of our Holiday products that just came out as well as some of our All-Time Favorites?


Guest at a recent party:

  • Hi (name!). It’s (your name), the Thirty-One consultant from (hostess)’s party! I just wanted to check in and make sure that you’re loving the products that you got from her party and see if you’d like to get your own free shopping spree!
  • Hi (name!). It’s (your name), the Thirty-One consultant from (hostess)’s party! I remember that you had a few items on your wish list that you didn’t get to purchase the other night, so I wanted to offer you a chance to get those for FREE! Are you ready for you own girls night in with some friends?


Past Hostess:

  • Hey girl! You know you’re one of my favorite hostesses! Your last party was a blast and you got a TON of free products! Are you ready to do it again before the craziness of the holidays is here?
  • Hey girl! I know you had a blast at your last party! Since then we’ve added some amazing new products and have some special Holiday gifting products out right now. Would you like another free shopping spree?


Customer who hasn’t ordered in a while:

  • Hi (name), It’s (your name) with Thirty-One! I just wanted to check in and see if there’s anything I can help you with! We’ve got some amazing new products and a hostess special that your friends and you would love if you’d like to schedule your next girls night in!


Booking Games

These might be shown for other Direct Sales companies, but they can easily be modified to use for Thirty-One!

When you test out a new booking game… do it for at least 3 parties! Don’t just do it for one and then say “oh well, it didn’t work”. It takes time to get yourself comfortable with playing the game 🙂

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