Clutter Buster Challenge – Day 5


Welcome to Day 5 of my Clutter Buster Challenge!

Today’s task is the… CLOSETS

How many times have you caught yourself saying “I need to go through my clothes?” in the last few months.

If you’re anything like me and my family… you’ve probably said it a few times!

So… here’s how you’re going to do this…

  1. TAKE EVERYTHING OUT  – I’m sure you’re probably sick of me saying this at the beginning of all of the challenges, but you’ve probably also realized that this is a necessary step! If you don’t take it all out, you won’t REALLY go through everything!
  2. MAKE A DONATION PILE – Anything that doesn’t fit you that is still in decent shape should be donated. Don’t put it aside to later sell at a garage sale or online… that’s just an excuse to keep the clutter!
  3. SORT BY SEASON – If your heavy winter clothes are in your closet and you need to make room for new spring/summer clothes, then separate your winter jackets/gloves/etc. and store in large totes, or vacuum sealed bags
  4. IF YOU HAVEN’T WORN IT IN A YEAR… – With the exception of one or two dressy outfits that you may need for important events, if you haven’t worn something in a  year, it’s time to donate it!
  5. SORT BY CATEGORY – When you put everything back in your closet, sort by category to make putting together outfits easy! Put all of your dress shirts together, all of your jeans, dress pants, dresses, etc.
  6. FOLLOW THE ONE AND ONE RULE – Going forward, when you buy new clothes, remove one article of clothing and donate it for every article that you put IN your closet!

Set the timer on your phone for 31 minutes and get to work!

Don’t forget to share your before and after (or just after!) pictures over at the Clutter Buster Challenge Facebook Event!

Oh! And Post the graphic below on your profile to share with your friends how you’re doing with the Challenge!


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