Clutter Buster Challenge – Day 6


Welcome to Day 6 of my Clutter Buster Challenge!

Today’s task is your… MAKE UP!

If you’re anything like me (and my 15 year old daughter) you probably find yourself buying more and more make up without throwing any of your old stuff out, until you use it all… right?

Well… not only does that contribute to clutter in the bathroom, your vanity, of wherever you get ready in the mornings… but it’s also not good for you!

Did you know that make up has expiration dates and that you should follow a schedule on when to throw certain things out? Less than 1 in 5 women throw out their make up after the recommended time! Yikes!

So… here’s how you’re going to do this…

  1. TAKE EVERYTHING OUT  – Yep… you should know by now that this is the first step! So gather ALL of your make up and “dump” it on the counter!
  2. CLEAN YOUR MAKE UP CASE – Use a baby wipe, or Norwex Envirocloth to clean the inside of your make up case.
  3. THROW OUT ANYTHING THAT YOU’VE NEVER USED – You know those things that you got with a coupon that you thought you might “try”… or the samples that came with another purchase that you’ve never used. If you’re not using them, get rid of them!
  4. THROW OUT PRODUCTS THAT ARE BEYOND THEIR “LIFE” – While cosmetics are not required to have expiration dates on them like food, it is important to follow the recommended expiration dates! You don’t want to apply anything to your face that can cause an infection! See the chart below for recommended expiration dates!
  5. MAKE YOUR QUICK FACE KIT  – I use one of our Zipper Pouches to put in all of the things that I use for my everyday make up. That way, if I’m ever kicked out of my bathroom when I’m getting ready, I can grab my zipper pouch and have everything that I need. I can also slip it in my purse or another bag if we’re going to be away long enough to need to reapply or touch up!
  6. SORT AND REPLACE – Sort your remaining make up by type and put it back!
  7. GOING FORWARD – When you purchase a new thing of make up, write on the container using a sharpie, the throw out date!

Set the timer on your phone for 31 minutes and get to work!


Don’t forget to share your before and after (or just after!) pictures over at the Clutter Buster Challenge Facebook Event!

Oh! And Post the graphic below on your profile to share with your friends how you’re doing with the Challenge!


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