Direct Sales Coach – Power Coach Alishia

NewMOMsLogo I’ve mentioned my PowerCoach in a few entries now, but I wanted to create a page that gives you a quick idea of what all she offers and how it has helped me. I have been working with her for over a year now and I cannot thank her enough for her easily implementable training that has helped me earn our Leadership Incentive Trip and a spot on our Leadership Council (Top 25 ladies in one of 5 categories out of the entire company) in my first full year of being with Thirty-One.

Check out these FREE Trainings that Alishia is currently offering. By doing one (or more!) of these training you will get an idea if she’s the kind of coach that you want and NEED. She’s the first to admit that she’s not for everyone, which is exactly why she offers these free training for you to get to know her and her style!

Of course, her trainings are not all free. She is in the business of growing YOUR business! Here are some of my favorite paid trainings that I have done! 

  • Rockstar MOMpreneurs – This is Alishia’s monthly coaching training. Not only will you receive new audios and resources every week, but you’ll also get access to the exclusive Rockstar MOMpreneurs Facebook Group that will allow you to connect with Alishia, her team, and hundreds of other Direct Sellers. You’ll be able to ask questions, celebrate each other, help each other, and form some amazing new relationships with women from all over!
  • Facebook Biz Builder  Also known as Business Booster Series – Shows you step by step (with copy and paste verbiage as well as beautiful, fun graphics) how to grow your customer group/page on Facebook and turn your fans and group members into customers, hostesses, and new team members!
  •  Facebook Recruiting Pack Also known as TACO Pack – Shows you how to host an online recruiting event that will turn fence sitters into new team members. Includes copy and paste verbiage as well as all of the graphics you need to easily add 2+ new team members with every opportunity event. I highly recommend this training paired with the Facebook Biz Builder training, they work flawlessly together!
  •  Party Plan POWERcamp + POWERcamp for Leaders – I LOVE this training! It is the single best investment I have made for my business. It’s designed not only to help you grow your personal business, but also to show you exactly what to do to GROW YOUR TEAM and their business!






She really does have a training for everything that you’re struggling with in your Direct Sales business. To see her complete list of available trainings you can visit the Rockstar Shop! I would love to answer any questions that you have about working with Alishia!

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