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I have been using MailChimp for a while now… but this past week I devoted some time to creating templates that I could use for different “things” for my Thirty-One business.

I won’t be going over how to use MailChimp… you can do a quick YouTube search and find hundreds of video tutorials to help you do that 🙂

You’ll notice that I like to keep my emails short and sweet so that they’re read. Let’s be honest, when you open an email that is 10 pages long, you think “I don’t have time for that” and click delete before reading!

In case you’re struggling with what to put in certain emails, here’s what I’m using. Feel free to use my verbiage, but remember, it’s always best to make emails YOURS… Your friends and customers know you and they know how you talk write 🙂



Welcome to Thirty-One and Team B31ieve – This is what I send out as soon as I get the notification alert/email that I have a new team member. I wanted to welcome them to the team, give them some tips on where to get started, but not overwhelm them.

Company Sale Announcement – This will change based on the sale 🙂  I don’t like sending the entire list of sale items in my emails. I want my customers to click on my website to browse and see what we have, so I highlight a few of my favorite products that are on sale with their sale price to entice them to click on my website. (Note… yes, I offer giveaways, make sure you check the consultant guidelines before offering a giveaway)

Thank You for Your Order – This goes out every time that I receive an order on my website. It’s short and sweet, but let’s my customers know that I appreciate them!

Thanks for Coming – This goes out the day after a party to thank everyone who showed up.

Your Order Has Shipped – This is what I send when I receive the shipping confirmation from Thirty-One (because our customers do NOT receive these directly from Home Office)

Just Checking In – This goes out 10 weeks (70 days) after someone places an order letting them know that the 90 day warranty is coming up. It’s a great follow up that customers don’t expect, but LOVE! (After you send their “Thank You For Your Order” email, you can schedule this one to go out in 10 weeks so you don’t forget!)

Home Office Lead – When you’re a Senior Consultant or above with Thirty-One you can earn Home Office Leads. This is what I send out when I receive a home office lead alert. I don’t overwhelm them with too much info, that’s a HUGE no no! But I ask them how I can help them and how they prefer to be contacted.

At Risk – When I have team members who are at risk of going inactive, I send this email to let them know that I’m there to help them, and give them ideas on how they can easily collect $200 in orders to stay active.



I’ve had people asking what I use to send my hostesses, but I follow my PowerCoach’s Hostess Coaching System and don’t normally email them 🙂


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