Hostess Coaching

Hostess coaching is a HUGE part of making your Thirty-One business successful! GREAT hostess coaching will lead to more guests per parties, more SALES at the party and more new team members! Three things that we NEED for our businesses to thrive!

I know that a lot of ladies (especially when you’re new to Direct Sales) are afraid to contact their hostesses prior to the party because they feel like they are bothering the hostess. But here’s the thing… your hostess has already agreed to have a party, and she’s excited for her party! I’m sure she’s going to spend time cleaning her house and making snacks for all of her guests and she’s probably already made a wish list of the products that she wants to earn for FREE. If she’s already doing the work, she’s going to APPRECIATE you hostess coaching her to get as much in hostess credit as she can! I mean… if I’m going to clean my house and make snacks, I would want my consultant to walk me through what I need to do to get $200 in free products!

Check out this great page on TOT – Hostess Coaching

I also LOVE the Hostess Coaching Checklist – Step by step Hostess Coaching directly from Thirty-One’s Home Office!


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