Jump Start January Boot Camp – January 4th

January 4th:

Yesterday we talked about WHY we are Thirty-One consultants, and while not all of your WHYs were tied into money, majority of them were!

So today we are going to talk about GOALS! Without setting goals it’s extremely difficult to know when to celebrate your success. And trust me… you NEED to celebrate your success!

Home Office often talks about making SMART goals. So what are SMART GOALS?

They are goals that are…
– Specific
– Measurable
– Attainable
– Relevant
– Time-bound

Let’s walk through that one by one.

SPECIFIC – I noticed that a lot of you put “pay off debt” or “do extras with the family”. And those are great WHYs, but when it comes down to making a goal, you need to be specific or it will feel like you’re never reaching your goal or your WHY. Take some time today to sit down and make your goal specific. If your WHY is financial, figure out how much in commission each month you need to make to feel successful!

MEASURABLE – By having that set number, the amount of commission you need, you’ll be able to really measure your goal and tell when you are achieving it. If your WHY is not financial based, it can still be measurable. For example, if your WHY is more “me time” then determine how much “me time” you would like each week or month! Make it measurable!

ATTAINABLE – Let me starting saying, I truly believe you can do whatever you set your mind to. I also believe that in order to reach a BIG goal, we must first start with smaller goals that will help us reach our big goals. This makes helps to make our goals ATTAINABLE so we do not get discouraged and give up easily. So if your BIG GOAL is to promote to director, your SMART GOAL (for now) could be to average $1,000 in sales each month or to recruit 1 new team member each month.

RELEVANT – This really ties into your WHY. You want to make sure that your goals are relevant to your WHY so that you are motivated to reach those goals. Without having your goals be relevant it’s easy to talk yourself out of wanting to reach those goals. Make sense?

TIME-BOUND – Your Goals should have a deadline. It can’t just be to “promote to director” it needs to be “promote to director by April”. Without a deadline, you don’t have a goal, you just have a wish. By making your goal TIME-BOUND you are holding yourself accountable. It also sets you up for your NEXT SMART GOAL after you achieve your current goal!

Are you still with me? I know this is a long post, but I promise, it’s extremely important.

After you’ve decided on your SMART GOAL… write it down and put the goal somewhere that you’ll see it every day!

Don’t be shy… comment below with your SMART goal! If you find someone who has the same goal, reach out to them!


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