Jump Start January Boot Camp – January 5th

January 5th:

You’ve probably heard about the “J Months”.
You might have been told that sales are slow and that it’s hard to work your business in one of the J Months (January, June and July).
But here’s the thing… they are only slow if you allow them to be slow! As long as you continue to WORK your business. It will continue to grow.
I get it, we just came off of a crazy December, you rocked the Outlet Sale and and now you’re looking forward to the new catalog.
But are you also looking forward to starting all over in January or not receiving a paycheck for the next month?
If you take January off, you’ll be starting all over next month. Even if you already have parties booked for February. Don’t get in the mindset that your January isn’t booked, so it’s not going to be successful. It’s only the FIFTH of the month! You still have PLENTY of time to add several parties to your calendar!
I’m not willing to start brand new next month or miss paychecks and you shouldn’t be either!
January is still an amazing month and we have a killer special to take advantage of us!
During this boot camp we will talk about…
– Using the monthly special
– Using the Retirement List (this is a HUGE tool!)
– Growing your team
– Booking and holding a party in 1 week (you don’t need to book months in advance to rock a party!)
So before I give you some killer booking scripts tomorrow, I want you to commit to WORKING January!
Comment below with I’M GOING TO ROCK JANUARY if you’re willing to work it! 15873085_10101141319314216_2367731952897219762_n
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