Recruiting Training

I made this training for our team retreat in October 2015. There might be parts of this training that have come from other director’s trainings.

This could easily be made into a FB training for your team!


Recruiting is the quickest way to grow your paycheck. That makes sense, right? As Directors and above, a majority of our paycheck comes from the overrides that we receive on our team instead of our commission that we receive from our own personal sales.

You start earning an override when you promote to Senior Consultant. You’ll earn a 2% override on your personal recruits! It might not sound like a lot, but it ads up very quickly.


Here are some common reason people don’t recruit – which ones apply to you?

  • I feel uncomfortable being “in charge” of someone (that’s ok! You’re really not in charge, you’re just there to help and support them! And you have your upline to also help!)
  • There are still things about Thirty-One that I don’t know (that’s ok! There are still things I don’t know! And the company is always growing and changing, we don’t expect you to know everything, but you should know how to find out the right answers by checking TOT, asking me, or calling HO!)
  • I don’t want to bother people by asking them to join (as long as you’re not constantly asking the same person over and over again after they’ve said NO, you’re not bothering them!)
  • I don’t want to lose business by having my best customers/hostesses join my team (I promise you… your paycheck will GROW when your team GROWS!)
  • There’s already enough consultants (there might seem like a lot of consultants, but we’re all working our businesses in different ways. I still run into people almost every day who don’t know what Thirty-One is!)
  • I don’t know anyone interested (Have you asked? Have you thought about who you can help through Thirty-One?)


People join Thirty-One for one of these three reason:

  • Fun – They need some girl time or time away from the house
  • Income – They need some extra money
  • Products – They love our products and want a discount or to earn products for free

Why did you join?


Here are some things that you can do every day or at your parties to plant recruiting seeds:

  • Share when you’ve purchased something using your Thirty-One Paycheck! (A new couch, concert tickets, sports camp for your kids)
  • Share how excited you are to catch up with your friends when you are heading to a Thirty-One event (did you do that before you left for the retreat?)
  • Share pictures of free products that you get from being a consultant
  • Share pictures of the fun you have at your parties!
  • Play “Ask Me About My Business” at your parties and in your customer groups!
  • Ask “Who could use an extra $500 before Christmas” on your customer group
  • Be consistent! Women are very observant. If someone is thinking about joining Thirty-One, they’re going to approach someone who is consistent with their business and takes it serious!


I swear by my Dream Team worksheet.  Your dream team is the list of ladies that you would LOVE to have on your team. They don’t need to be ladies that have expressed interest to you in joining. Most of the team members that I have on my team waited for ME to APPROACH them before showing interest!

Ladies to Put On Your Dream Team (if you just put down one lady from each of these, you’ll have 15 ladies on your Dream Team!)

  • Your best hostesses and customers
    • Who is AWESOME at getting outside orders before her party?
    • Who has been to so many of your parties that she could do the demo for you?
    • Who has just as much Thirty-One as you do?
  • Women that you know that could use an extra $300+ a month. (That’s just two parties a month)
    • Who do you see posting on Facebook about needing money?
    • Who just had their hours cut at work?
    • Who has several family members to shop for this Christmas?
    • Who has several kids in activities and needs help paying for them?
  • Who needs some fun in their life?
    • Who is a single mom who needs a break?
    • Who is a stay at home mom who needs to hang out with adults a few times a month?
    • Who has a SERIOUS 9-5 JOB and needs something fun?
  • Who has the personality/drive to be a consultant?
    • Who is a college student who is working crazy hours at a local restaurant for tips?
    • Who is your favorite person at Starbucks that makes you laugh every time you see her?
    • Who is a salesperson in their 9-5 job?
    • Who is on PTA or Boosters?
    • Who is your friend that you laugh so hard you cry every time you’re with them?

CLICK HERE to download my Dream Team Worksheet


  • At the party:
    • I can tell that you LOVE our products! Have you ever thought about doing what I do?
    • You practically did all of the work for me! You would be a great consultant, would you like to meet for coffee this week and I could tell you more about why I love Thirty-One?
    • You had some of the best questions about my business! Have you thought about becoming a consultant before?
  • Text/Messenger:
    • Hey girl! I was just thinking about about who I would love to have join my Thirty-One team and your name kept popping up! Want to grab coffee this week?
    • Hey girl! I know that you LOVE Thirty-One and I just keep thinking that you would make an amazing consultant. Would you like to get coffee this week?


  • Do’s
    • Keep it informal
    • Get to know her better!
    • Share what you love about Thirty-One
    • Share the 3 reasons why people join and ask her which one jumps out to her? (Fun, Income, Products)
    • Let her ask most of the questions
  • Don’t’s
    • Be nervous – this is about HER and not you.
    • Give her every single flier you can find
    • Overwhelm her with too much information
    • Make unrealistic promises
    • Worry if you don’t know all of the answers! Simply say “you know what, I’m not sure about that, let me ask my director and get back to you!”


  • I’m not sure if I’ll be good at this. I don’t have the personality you do, etc:
    • Here’s the thing, the worst case scenario – you get $400 worth of products that you love for just $100. The best case scenario is that you earn free products, commission, make some new friends, and find yourself doing something that you LOVE
  • I think I want to, but I don’t want to be serious about it:
    • That’s fine with me! One of the great things about Thirty-One is that it’s what YOU want it to be! I’ll still add you to our team page and check in with you once in a while, but I’ll never ask you do something that you don’t want to. BUT… if you do change your mind, I’ll be there to help!
  • I have to talk to my husband:
    • No problem! I’d love to help answer any questions that he might have as well! My husband LOVES Thirty-One now that he’s noticed what it has done for me, but he didn’t really know what it was all about when I first started
  • There are already so many consultants:
    • I completely understand why you might think that. There does seem to be a lot of consultants, but we all know different people and have different family members. And to be honest, it only takes one party to meet a completely new group of people!
    • You know, I thought that at first also. But I run into people on a daily basis who find out that I’m a consultant with Thirty-One and then ask me what Thirty-One is, or ask if they could see a catalog!
  • I would like to, but I don’t have the $99:
    • Babysit – I know my friends are constantly looking someone to watch their kids for a night so they can go out!
    • Yard Sale/Garage Sale  – how many clothes that your children have grown out of do you still have laying around?
    • Cash in your change jar
    • Ask for it as a gift! – They’ll be giving you $400 worth of products for just $100 — and so much more!
    • I think that every time I walk into Walmart for one thing and then end up spending $100! Haha! But in all honestly, there are several things that you can do to come up with the $99…


Follow ups are crucial when it comes to recruiting! If you’ve had a recruiting conversation with someone and they aren’t ready to join right then set a date and time to follow up!

Here’s what you can say to follow up:

    • Hey girl! I just wanted to check in and see if you’re ready to get that pretty pink box!
    • Hey you! I just wanted to see what questions your husband has for me! I can’t wait for you to join us!
    • Hey girl! I know you were super excited when we last chatted, so I just wanted to see when you’d like to get your first Thirty-One paycheck – November 10th or November 25th? – this is what I use when I feel like they’re on board, but haven’t said “I’m ready to join now!”



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