Thirty-One Facebook Party Script for March 15th – April 31st


Woot Woot! I cannot wait to party with you ladies tonight! Make sure you are logged on to this event at 9pm EST. You’re going to want to be chatting with us when the party starts, every post that you comment on will earn you ONE ticket into tonight’s giveaway! Who is excited!?!


I’d love to learn more about YOU ladies! Comment below with a silly fact about yourself! For every fact that you comment with, I will tell you something fun/silly about me!


15 Minutes Until Party Time!!!


.: POST #1 :.

Woo Hoo!!! It is PARTY TIME! First, I just HAVE to thank our beautiful hostess, Marya, for getting all of us ladies together tonight! Marya LOVES our Thirty-One products and knows that you ladies all have busy lives and wanted to offer a quick, fun event to share her love of Thirty-One. Your orders tonight will be helping her go on a FREE Shopping Spree and I know she already has a few items picked out that she’d like to earn! (pic of Hostess)

.: POST #2 :.

My name is Heather and I’m an Independent Director with Thirty-One. I will be your personal shopper tonight, so please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have! I’m here to help! I have been with Thirty-One for just over two years. When I joined the company, I just wanted  the best deal in the catalog, which is our Enrollment Kit. After my sister-in-law offered to host a catalog party where I made a quick $200 and earned some FREE products through our StartSwell program, I was HOOKED. Then, I fell in love with the sisterhood and the company. I can honestly say that Thirty-One has changed my live and has given me much more than extra income, but also some of the best friends I could have asked for! If you need some extra income, find yourself wanting ALL of our products, or just need some more fun in your life, I would LOVE to chat with you about starting your own Thirty-One business!


.: POST #3 :.

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other a little better, how about we get this party STARTED!?! I’m going to be sharing three sets of products with you tonight. Products FOR YOUR HOME, FOR YOUR FAMILY, and JUST FOR YOU! Before I share about our first set of products, I have to chat with you about PERSONALIZATION. A majority of our products can be personalized and…. this month, our personalization is 1/2 off! Woot Woot! That means, if you’d like to add personalization to one of our eligible products, it’s only $3.50 for text or an icon, or $5 for both!


.: POST #4 :.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely HATE clutter! Our For Your Home Collection will have your house organized in no time! What room in your house needs the most help getting organized?


.: POST # 5 :.

Pictured below are some of my FAVORITE products from our For Your Home Collection Here you see our…

  • Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote (has soooo many amazing uses!)
  • Oh Snap Pockets (**Get up to 3 of these for $5 each when you spend $35 this month!)
  • Hang-Up Home Organizer (use it for your family command center!)
  • Double Duty Caddy (the perfect table top caddy!)

What would you use these products for?


.: POST #6 :.

I know that most of you are busy moms and wives, which means you’re the one that tends to end up carrying everything for everyone, am I right? Our For Your Family Collection is designed with YOU in mind! Who do you always end up carrying things for? febgraphics_double-duty-caddy_family.jpg

.: POST #7 :.

My daughter Devon plays soccer, which makes me a SOCCER MOM! That means we’re constantly traveling to other schools and sports centers to watch her team play. Pictured below are some of my favorite products from our For Your Family Collection that I use regularly. Here you see our…

  • Large Utility Tote (EVERYONE needs at least one of these!)
  • Pack a Party Thermal (perfect for cupcakes or pizza!)
  • Fresh Market Thermal (fits an entire crockpot, or a case of pop/water!)
  • Picnic Thermal (perfect for our little athletes to pack a lunch, water, and snacks for a tournament)
  • Bring a Bottle Thermal (keeps their drinks cold!)


.: POST #8 :.

Now that we’ve covered some of the things that we have available for your home and you family, let’s chat about what we have in our Just For You Collection! I know that I’m guilty of putting myself last. It seems so much easier to purchase something for your home or your family than it does to get something just for you, doesn’t it? But it shouldn’t be that way! We deserve to spoil ourselves and our Just For You Collection has products that I know you’re going to want to get your hands on! What is the last thing that you bought Just for YOU?


.: POST #9 :.

I know what you’re thinking… “I thought this was a Thirty-One party!?! What are those gorgeous bracelets and amazing clutch doing here?” We’ve added two new product lines in the past few months JUST FOR YOU! Our Jewell by Thirty-One purse/wallet line and our JK by Thirty-One jewelry line! Here you see…

  • Cherish Bracelet with assorted charms (add charms to share your story!)
  • Heart & Soul Bracelet (I absolutely LOVE this!)
  • All About the Benjamins Wallet (my favorite wallet EVER)
  • Wristlet Strap (mix and match with your wallet!)


.: POST #10 :.

Wow!!! Aren’t all of these products amazing!?! You know what else is AMAZING!?! Our Monthly Special! Tonight, when you can purchase one of our new Monogram Initial Necklaces for $20, or up to 3 of our Oh Snap Bins or Oh Snap Pockets for $5 each when you spend $35!!! (And yes, you can mix and match the Oh Snaps!) What will you be getting on sale tonight!?!


.:POST #11 :.

I’m sure you’re sitting there with a wish list that is already filling up and I haven’t even given you the website to start shopping yet! So why not get some of the products on your list at a HUGE discount, or even FREE!?! When you book your Thirty-One party tonight, you’ll be locking in FREE shopping spree for yourself and our lovely hostess tonight will also earn a product credit to be used at YOUR party! Comment below if you’d like to get a free shopping spree!


.: POST #12 :.

Ladies, I know that you’re itching to see ALL of our products, so I’m not going to (virtually) stand in your way any longer! There are three ways to shop tonight:

  1. Online at:
  2. Browse at and then PM me with your order
  3. Contact our hostess to see a catalog, all orders must be received by Friday!

When you order TONIGHT you will earn 5 extra entries into our Giveaway (our winner will be posted tomorrow!)

.: POST #13 :.

Thank you SOOOOO much for partying online with me tonight and thanks again to our amazing hostess! As I mentioned earlier tonight, i would LOVE to chat any of you who are looking for more income, products, and girl time! Feel free to add me as a friend! Or comment with “Tell me More!”


.: POST #13 :.

I’ll be around for a while tonight to answer any questions you have! Thanks again for an amazing time online tonight!


One thought on “Thirty-One Facebook Party Script for March 15th – April 31st

  1. Heather, you ROCK for sharing this! I am doing my first FB party on Wed and have been doing some pre-posts but I am unsure if it will go ok. Not much interaction so far. Anyway…I cannot find a script that includes promising picks and JK and the May specials. Do you have one?? Thanks again! I look forward to meeting you at Conference (Columbus, if you are there) or at LIT. 🙂


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