Thirty-One’s Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog Scavenger Hunt!


Cindy’s Picks – Page 3

Ok, so I started us off with a really easy one, I promise, the rest won’t be this easy! Our catalog is divided into three chapter. For Your Home, For Your Family, and Just for YOU! Which chapter do you plan on shopping from today?

Stapler – Page 19

Women are BUSY, right? How many of you have a pile of mail on our kitchen counter right now because you just haven’t had time to sort it and put it in the right place? Like I mentioned before, we have some great products For Your Home! Some of my favorites is are our Oh Snap Pocket and Your Way Cubes! We’ve even added the ability to purchase some of our For Your Home products with a built in chalk board! How cool is that!?! (Product to demo: Oh Snap Pocket, Your Way Cube, Double Duty Caddy)

A Purse with Sunglasses in It – Page 8 

Some of you might already know this, but at the very beginning of this year we introduced our Jewel by Thirty-One collection! I absolutely love how fashionable these new purses and wallets are. Of course these gorgeous bags are part of our Just for You collection, although, if you have a teenage daughter like I do, she might try to steal them from you! (Products to demo: Diamond District or Townsfair Reversible Tote)

Popcorn – Page 24/25

A lot of people come to Thirty-One for our thermals and it’s easy to see why! We have a thermal for everything! We’ve got you covered if you need a new lunch tote, a thermal to slip a bottle of wine in, or something to fill with ice and pop to take to a picnic! Our new Family Fun Thermal has our new Leak Lock Liner. I tested it out myself! (Products to demo: Family Fun Thermal, Thermal Tote, Fresh Market Thermal)

Lucky Mom Charm – Page 14

For the first time ever, we have added our JK by Thirty-One collection to our catalog! These gorgeous jewelry pieces have quickly won my heart over. I’ve been able to go from someone who was too afraid to wear jewelry to someone who never leaves the house without a few JK pieces on! (Products to demo: Dreamcatcher, Morning Glow Necklace)

Razor – Page 27

Do we have any travelers here? I’m actually heading on a FREE vacation to Mexico with my husband thanks to Thirty-One next month and we will be using several of these travel products! I love that they come in fun prints for me, and solids like black for my husband! (Products to demo: Hanging Traveler Case, Fold Over Weekender)

Clothes Pin – Page 20

Often when I ask ladies which room in their house frustrates them the most they say “The Laundry Room” Now, some of us aren’t lucky enough to have an entire room devoted to laundry, but check out how easily you can organize a small space with some of our products! (Products to demo: Oh Snap Bins, Hang It Up Pocket)

Hot Chocolate – Page 5

Better Together is our theme this Fall and Winter. Some things are simply Better Together! One of my favorite things about Thirty-One is the support that I get from the company, my team, and the friends that I’ve met through Thirty-One. We’re more powerful and achieve more because we are Better Together. What are some things that you think are better together?

Ronald McDonald House Logo – Page 49

We are passionate about supporting girls, women and families and work with our National Mission Partners Girl Talk and Ronald McDonald House to raise money to support OUR mission. When you check out tonight, I will automatically round up your change to the nearest dollar. It will never be more than $.99! The change that you round up will be donated to Thirty-One Gives so help support our mission partners. If you do not want to round up your change, just put a big X through the Thirty-One Gives heart at the bottom of your order form and I will know not to round up your change. 

Soccer Ball – Page 21

It’s fair to say that we are mostly known for our Totes (although that is starting to change with the addition of our Jewell and JK lines) We LOVE offering fun and functional solutions with our Totes! These great totes actually fit in all three of our chapters.. Just for You, For Your Family (trips to the zoo, beach), and For Your Home (storing blankets in your closet!) And I personally believe that every needs at least ONE Large Utility Tote in their life! If this is your first Thirty-One party, I highly recommend that you graph one for yourself today – it’s our best seller and by purchasing one, you qualify for our Monthly Special! (Products to demo: Large Utility Tote, Soft Utility Tote, Zip Top Organizing Utility tote)

Blue Scarf – Page 29

There are so many reasons to host your own Thirty-One Party! Isn’t it great to just get together with your friends and sit down and shop together? And what’s even better is when you’re the one shopping for FREE! Our hostesses on average earn $100 in FREE products, get two products at 1/2 off and can purchase two of our Hostess Exclusives! So when you’re ready to book your own fun girls night in and earn your wish list for free, please let me know!

Pink Thirty-One Box – Back Page

We always save the best for last, right? Which is why our enrollment kit is featured on our back cover. All of the products that you see on the table in the picture are included with our enrollment kit! It’s over $400 worth of products and supplies for just $99 when you join our team, and you’ll easily make that investment back in your first party! On average I make $150 per party for just a few hours of hanging out with women like you! I would love to chat with you ladies one on one if you’re looking for some extra income, girl time, or just want to get a discount on our products and earn free products! 

10 thoughts on “Thirty-One’s Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Ok so I love these!! I am new to Thirty one and these saved me!! I am trying to make some for the new Spring line but I am not as creative as yours from the fall. I am struggling… haha


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