Tip Tuesday Posts for Your Direct Sales Team

I’ve decided to change up how I’m sharing my team posts with all of you.

Going forward I will have 5 Pages with posts for the weekdays. You can pick which posts you’d like to share with your team, I’ll continually add to them and update them, but they won’t be date specific. That way you can tweak them to work best for YOU and your team 🙂

Daily Posts:


For all of my Tip Tuesday Posts I use this graphic and one of the posts below:


Some of these posts may be specific to Thirty-One Gifts 🙂

When hostess coaching, ask your hostess to ask her guests if they would like to be added to your customer group.

This will help her get more in sales because her guests will see some products and uses in your group before they even get in the party and it will make it for her guests to get ahold of you after the party if they need to contact you!

The day after a party, text a RedStamp to each guest thanking them for coming!

Keep mini catalogs with your contact info on them in a zipper pouch in your purse! When someone comments on how cute your tote/purse/thermal is say “Thanks so much! Can you believe that I get to sell things that are this cute!?! Would you like one of our mini catalogs?”

Make sure that your Facebook profile picture is of YOU! I know that your kids are adorable and so are your fur babies, but you want people to be able to recognize YOU!

When someone places an order mark it on your calendar (and their order form) to contact them in 10 weeks… this is roughly 3 weeks before their 90 day warranty expires.

When you contact them say…

“Hey girl! I just wanted to check in and make sure that you’re still loving your Thirty-One products! We’re a few weeks away from the end of your 90 day warranty, so please look over everything and let me know if anything needs replaced or exchanged!”

Give genuine compliments when you’re out an about!

Let a random stranger know that you love her shirt, shoes, or earrings. More than likely you’ll make her day. And she might respond letting you know that she loves your purse, which you can say “Thanks! Can you believe that I sell them!?!”

Do a Birthday Club!

Create a survey that your customers can fill out to receive a special gift during their birthday month, then send them a coupon to use! On the survey ask them if they’d like to host a party, receive a catalog, are interested in joining your team, or if they know someone looking to do a fundraiser!

Make sure you’re not puking on Facebook!

You should only post about your business 1 time for every 9 non Thirty-One related posts! You don’t want to be someone that annoys their friends, but you still want to make sure that all of your friends know that you’re a consultant for when they’re ready to place an order!

Grab a pen and paper and answer these three questions..

… Who do you know that needs some girl time?

… Who do you know that LOVES our products?

… Who do you know that always talks never getting out of the house and doing something?

Now, reach out to those ladies today. Tell them that you’ve been thinking about how great Thirty-One could be for them and ask if they’d like to meet up with coffee and chat about Thirty-One

If you pick up your kid(s) from school…

Designate that time each day to text, call, or PM your friends, pasts hostesses, and customers asking them to book a party in the next 31 days!

Make 3 contacts a day about your business!

This can be following up with a previous customer, telling a friend about your products, talking with a team member… just talk about your business to three people a day!

Ask for referrals!

When someone gives you compliment on how you run your business or how fun your parties are say… “Thanks so much! That means the world to me! I’m always looking for referrals if you have any friends who would love to have a fun Thirty-One party! And if you refer a friend to me who places an order or holds a party, I’ll send you a thank you gift!” and then hand her one of your business cards or other marketing material!

Share when you’re hanging out with friends that you met through Thirty-One!

If you got together with some friends for coffee, take a picture, tag them on Facebook and then post it with a caption that says something like “I’m so thankful I met XXX through Thirty-One! I loved catching up with her over coffee today!”

So many women are looking for ways to meet new girl friends, and you have the answer to that!

When you’re asked to make a donation for a fundraiser, give a gift certificate!

You can print one from TOT, and it can only be redeemed through you. That way, whoever wins has to personally contact you to redeem it! You can even double the amount if they book a party!

Carry at least 3 Thirty-One products at all times!

A key fob, wallet, and purse is a great solution set for most women!

Do small giveaways in your customer group to encourage interaction! You don’t need to announce what the prize will be before you pick a winner…. Use small items like nail files and key fobs!


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