Your First Thirty-One Party!

Eeeek! It is soooo exciting when you’re getting ready for your first Thirty-One Party as a Thirty-One consultant!

But it can also be pretty intimidating, right?

Here are some things that will help your first Thirty-One party go a smooth as possible (including some things that I wish I knew before I held my first party!)

Find or create a party script that works for you! – Here’s a link to my home party script. Don’t feel bad about printing off the script and following it through your party! You want your guests to see that your job is easy so they know that they can do it too!

Don’t worry about having BIG giveaways! – All of my giveaways at my party are $5 or less. They’re either a Thirty-One key fob, or a few things from the dollar store in a cute gift bag. Don’t stress about having to spend a lot of money for prizes!

Take $20 in small bills! – This is one thing that I always remind my new consultants about when they’re preparing for their first home party. While a lot of people will pay with their credit/debit card… there will be some that pay with cash!

Take pens! – Don’t assume that your guests or hostess will have pens for everyone. It’s something so silly, but you don’t want them to feel like you’re unprepared if you don’t have enough pens for everyone. And you do not want them sharing pens!

Take your calendar! – Take your calendar for the next 60 days and have your party days clearly marked! Don’t say “I can party anytime”… give your guests specific dates that work best for YOU!

Arrive 30 minutes prior to the party – Give yourself enough time to get your display set up (should take less than 10 minutes) and then help the hostess with anything she might need and greet all of the guests as they arrive.

Get to know your guests! – Ask them questions about their family and life. Find ways to connect with them! Our business is about relationships, and you never know when you’ll meet a new friend, hostess, customer, or even team member!

Download the app! – Download the mythirtyone app on your smart phone before the party. That way if a guest asks for advice on personalization you can use the app to show her a preview of different personalization options! You can even use the app and add the party orders online when you’re doing checkout!

Don’t worry about memorizing the catalog! – Nobody expects you to know what page the Large Utility Tote is on or have all of the available patterns memorized. It’s perfectly fine to say “Let’s look through the catalog together to find that!” while you flip through the pages with a guest.

Don’t worry if you don’t know everything! – Your guests don’t expect you to know everything! And to be honest, it makes you more relatable when you can honestly say “I’m not quite sure, but let me find out for you and I’ll let you know!” Which leads me to….

Let your director know! – Remember to tell your director when you’re having your first party! That way she can be available via phone to help answer any questions that your guests might have that you don’t know the answer to!

Have FUN! – I still get nervous before every single party… but as soon as the first guest arrives, those nerves turn into excitement, and that excitement turns into FUN!


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